The common warts are benign lumps of skin.

What causes warts

The warts are caused by the virus of human papillomavirus (HPV) thus developed benign lumps that are more annoying than dangerous, but highly contagious. After initial contacting, it may take even six months to develop a wart. Although we are all exposed to HPV, some seem to be more sensitive to it, while others are naturally more resistant. The warts appear most often when the body’s immune system is weakened or vulnerable, and children.

What are the most common types :

The two most common types of warts are the common wart and the wart soles. Common warts usually grow on fingers, the back of the hand, arms and legs. The warts of the feet can be painful. The warts are contagious and is likely to spread to other parts of the body or spread to other people. For this reason, they should immediately be treated with therapy.

Responses of ants:

Initially particularly topical preparations used, especially in children.

Cryosurgery is used where the result becomes visible after 15 days.

These warts are treated effectively and permanently to the combinatorial use of two laser systems: the Pulsed Dye Laser V-Beam Candella 595nm and CO2 laser. The action of the two laser is selective due to the thermolysis localized lesions without damaging the surrounding normal tissues and in addition because of the selective destruction of capillary vessels supplying the damage. Thus, lesions selectively destroyed while disqualified and their reconstitution. This treatment significantly reduces the likelihood of the spread and made using local anesthetic cream.

How many sessions will be needed and when to show the first results

The number of sessions varies from 2-4 depending on the severity of each incident. The first treatment is improving and depending on the extent of the problem and determined the total sessions.