Unwanted hair – Candela Alexandrite 755nm

Hair removal

The Alexandrite Laser produces a beam of light designed to be
absorbed primarily by melanin (the hair dye) and to cause thermal
damage to the hair shaft and follicle without damaging the
surrounding tissues.

How does ALEXANDRITE laser hair removal work?

The hair follicle is destroyed and the dark end hair is permanently
What are the advantages of Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal?
Traditional hair removal techniques, such as waxing, shaving and
pulling, have only a temporary effect. The use of Alexandrite Lasers by
our specialized medical staff is safe, effective and easy and allows
the treatment of large areas during a session. After a single session
the improvement is often obvious, while after repeated sessions the
best possible result is achieved.

How well is the ALEXANDRITE laser hair removal treatment tolerated?

Hair removal treatment is well tolerated and often painless. Now, in
combination with the Zimmer Cryo 6 (cold air device) the pain and
thermal damage during the laser are minimized. Unlike other cooling
methods, such as cryogenic spray cooling or ice packs, ZIMMER Cryo
6 can cool the skin before, during and after the application of the
laser, without interfering with the laser beam.

What is the care of the treated area?

Immediately after treatment, the area may become red and feel
like you have had a mild sunburn. This reaction subsides in minutes to
hours. After the end of the treatment, apply cold compresses and / or
soothing cream to quickly relieve the above symptoms. Complete and
written instructions are given to the patient after treatment.

How many sessions are required for a satisfactory result?

Because hair goes through various phases during its growth and
Lasers destroy the hair that is in the active phase of growth more
effectively, many treatment sessions are usually required. Most
patients require 6-7 sessions in a specific area (depending on the
area). Some patients require more than 7 sessions. The legs, armpits
and bikini are easier to treat, while the face, especially the upper lip
and chin, are more durable. The treatments are done every 6-8 weeks
on average.
Our staff is trained in the art of hair removal. Let us inform you
completely free of charge regarding anything related to Alexandrite
Laser hair removal treatments. (Laser hair removal is done strictly
under the supervision of a doctor.)