The Trichotillomania is a disorder in which patients pull hair from the scalp, the eyelids, eyebrows or other body parts and result in alopecia.

Pulling hair varies greatly in severity, location on the body and the response to treatment. For some people, sometimes, the TTM is mild in degree and can be suppressed with greater awareness and concentration.

What causes trichotillomania

The causes of trichotillomania are unknown. Research on cases / incidents and treatments are still in the early stages. There is preliminary evidence showing that the TPD is a neuro-biological disorder and how genetics may play a role in its development.

As with many other disorders, such as alcoholism, so the TPD can be developed by combination of genetic emotional and environmental factors. It is also possible.

When the trichotillomania begins

The TPD can begin at any age, but usually begins in late childhood / adolescence end around 11-13 years. This suggests that it may be caused by hormonal changes in some cases. However, TPD sometimes starts early in childhood, when the infant can for the first time to reach out and grab hair. At some cases, pulling the hair starts at a stress period, but in other cases the behavior does not seem stem from some reason.

Workaround trichotillomania

Treatment of trichotillomania is difficult and time consuming since almost always accompanied by a heavy emotional disorder. General treatment should be directed at identifying the causes and simultaneously should begin and treatment of parents who typically have demanding and authoritarian behavior