Rosacea is a disease characterized by facial redness and sometimes swelling, it mainly occurs in women with fair complexions.

Rosacea usually begins with redness of central face that slowly – slowly expands to cheeks and chin. Later permanent telangiectasia appears (small, dilated capillaries) and grains as the edge with or without pus.

Responses of rosacea:

TREATMENT WITH PULSED DYE LASER (PDL) 595nm . This pulsed laser dye (Pulsed laser dye), the variable pulse width of 1,5msec to 40msec. To emission wavelength is at 595nm. To system due to the integrated cooling system – skin protection Dynamic Cooling Device makes the treatment virtually painless.

THERAPY WITH LASER CO2 for rinofyma which occurs in the peripheral half of the nose concentrating hypertrophic large nodular masses with hyperemia. In rare cases this excessive growth of soft tissues can affect the chin or a forehead.

Treatment with medication tetracycline antibiotics.

How many sessions will be needed and when to show the first results?

The number of sessions in the PDL in the range 4-6, depending on the severity of each case and the results are shown after 15 days. Regarding rinofyma and use of LASER CO2 a long time to treat. Treatment is made by medication takes 1 to 2 months.