The mesotherapy dryer is a relatively painless technique, which actively imported nutrients in mesoderm, the middle layer of skin, for strengthening hair growth, creating mikronygmous skin, the method allows the transdermal vitamins penetration, minerals, antioxidants and ingredients improving microcirculation, directly into the deeper layers.

The treatment aims to promote recuperative components in the dermis. Thus is formed an environment enriched with vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids, trace elements, minerals and enzymes and favors the interaction between cells and interstitial space thus achieved increase of the bristle thickness and thus the total density of the hair and the cosmetic is improved quality in the front line of the scalp.

The components that contribute to the health of the scalp are:

Zinc sulphate which enhances the hair structure.

The adenosine which promotes the expression of growth factors in hair follicles.

Glutathione that blocks the androgen receptors.

The pyridoxine hydrochloride, helping the regeneration and protection of hair.

Copper peptides which inhibit necrosis of hair follicles, improve microcirculation and inhibit 5a reductase.


The Mesotherapy Hair, thanks to percutaneous injection of substances, allows immediate action directly to target the hair follicle. So from the first sessions, it becomes evident the reduction of hair loss and strengthen the hair.

How many treatments will I need?

6.4 Recommended applications every 15 days for maximal effect and one maintenance session at 6 months.