NAIL FUNGUS or onychomycosis

The  fungi of the nails ( onychomycosis) is the most common skin problems.

The fungi responsible are many, but the most common is the Trichophyton Rubrum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Usually infect people who wear closed shoes for several hours, hyperhidrosis, immunocompromised, people with circulatory diseases, people who are frequently exposed to humidity and heat.

That appear fungi nail what picture show:

The clinical presentation of onychomycosis has various forms. The most common of these is the so called “distal onychomycosis”, which appears as white or yellow spot at the tip of the nail. As the infection progresses nails become dull, brittle, thick and gather below its free end a whitish material.

Responding nail fungus:

The treatment of fungal nails is not a simple task, especially when the condition is neglected and advanced.

There are many topical preparations (creams, lacquers, lotions) with pharmaceutically or natural ingredients (ciclopirox, amorolfine, terbinafine, azoles, lavender essential oils) which however have satisfactory result only in mild surface or minor distal onychomycosis initial stage. Thus more useful as adjunctive or forced suboptimal treatment of fungal infections wherein receiving oral therapy is contraindicated for several reasons.

The antifungal pills are the most effective solution, but require patient compliance and monitoring because it is several months of possible treatments and requires method and regular check. They used three kinds of substances: terbinafine, fluconazole and itraconazole. In the alternative, the patient may be aided greatly by the use of special laser or photodynamic therapy that kills fungi. In very advanced cases it recommended the “melting” of the affected nail with local urea formulation or even surgical removal.

Using PDL Laser as non-medication.

When shown the results after treatment:

Improvement is shown by the first two months of treatment and usually is completed at 4 months. But the most important in onychomycosis is prevention so always follow the instructions of the physician.