The Cocoon Presotherapy is advanced system that performs specific lymphatic massage using air cells. It helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic system fighting venous stasis and lymphatic congestion, improve and prevent the appearance of cellulite, facilitates the removal of lipids after lipolysis treatments.


The Cocoon Presotherapy operates using caps and boots (specially designed Pressotherapy) which cover the feet, abdomen and buttocks, by applying a constant pressure to the body. Through the pressure wave, the Cocoon Presotherapy strengthens the circulatory system agent lymphatic drainage helps to absorb the intermediate fluid, fat and toxins which are not absorbed by the venous system resulting in causing cellulite, edema, lymph edema and venous disorders (varices) .


It improves the lymphatic system by strengthening the lymphatic circulation, leading to reduction of waste products of metabolism.

It strengthens the digestive system, relaxing the abdomen and bowel muscles to facilitate its operation.

It strengthens the circulatory system by increasing the amount of oxygen in the body and lowers blood pressure.

Improves the muscular system, providing relaxation and relief in case of muscle spasms.

Improves skin tone due to increased blood flow facilitating cell regeneration.

It recommended as postoperative therapy in cosmetic medicine, such as liposuction