Hemangiomas in children are small or large patches of skin, flat and smooth on the surface.


Due to the fact that the capillaries in this area are much wider than normal, resulting in skin that surrounds acquire pink or red. It is often and usually present from birth or appear as a red spot in the first weeks of life of the child. They appear more often on the eyelids or neck and usually does not pose a risk.

When we intervene in hemangiomas?

It depends on the type, size, position and the functional or aesthetic problem posed. Usually we prefer to intervene very early in infancy.

Workaround hemangiomas?

Using Laser advanced PDL 595n V-beam Candella which is recommended in most instances for their discoloration. We must also emphasize that and the dark red color that acquire these malformations with time, has done well with the Laser.

Hemangiomas like strawberries:

They are benign tumors of the vascular elements of the skin strawberry view. It is about a benign hyperplasia of the blood vessels. Although not always be perceived immediately after birth, may occur during the first year of life in any part of the body in the form of a red, slightly swollen lesion. There are approximately 2% of newborns. Usually the first 12 months of life the child swell strongly. But stop growing and usually shrink and disappear before their first decade of life the child. Whenever the tongue or in the oral cavity can be associated with syndrome that requires medical attention because dangerous.

When we intervene?

When physiological functions hampered the organization, such as vision and breathing, or when complications created as ulcers, infection or bleeding. Because it can cause psychological problem as the child grows, it is advisable to consider surgery before going school.


Usually treated with

Medication, Laser, Surgery under general anesthesia.