The Sculptra consisting of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), is a dermal filler is used to increase the volume of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen of the body itself. Until recently the main use was for fat-loss of volume in the face but is now used with great success and buttocks. This non-surgical technique is known ‘ Sculptra Butt Lift ‘. Rectifies and sculpts the buttocks without risk or downtime as opposed to more invasive procedures.

What is the difference of “Sculptra Butt Lift” in relation to a surgery like ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’?

Patients who choose the “Sculptra Butt Lift” are those who do not have the time needed for recovery after surgery. Often they want to avoid anesthesia and do not want the scarring associated with surgery. Also, some patients may not be good candidates as they do not have enough fat reserves that they be used in the buttocks.

How is the treatment performed?

Local anesthetic injection applied to the area to be injected in Sculptra. Once the skin is ready (usually after 10 min), the Sculptra injected into the upper buttock with a small needle. Depending on the desired level of growth, most patients require about three treatments per six weeks. Although the effects can be observed six weeks after treatment, the best effect is observed up to six months after the procedure.

How long will it take me to come back?

You can return to your daily activities immediately. You may notice some signs of bruising at the injection site that can last for 7-10 days, but that’s all. It recommended 5 minutes to massage the area 5 times during the day for the first five days after the procedure.

How do the results last?

The maximum effects can last for eighteen months to two years following the injections. However, a small number of patients may see improvement that lasts much longer.